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Spring 2018 Updates

Welcome back for another great semester with Visual Classrooms. We’ve got a couple updates we’d like to share.

1) Improved Text Analysis – We’ve moved the word cloud to inside each individual prompt and added a vocabulary list. Click a word in the vocab list and it will filter in the discussion space. Identify what words students are using and in what context.

2) Name Hiding – We introduced “anonymous” posts last semester (students can’t see names on posts) but now it’s easier than ever for instructors to hide/show names.

Watch the 80 second video on Vimeo for a quick demo of the updates:

Informational Webinar

Did you sign up for an account and never get around to trying Visual Classrooms? Did we meet at a conference and you want to know more?

We’ll be holding a webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. You don’t need to register or install anything to participate:

Join the call:
Optional dial in number: 585-632-5861
PIN: 82396

Amazon S3 Down – Upload Issues

** Wed March 1st UPDATE **

All services have been restored and operation is normal. Contact with any concerns or questions.


Tues Feb 28th, 2:15 pm – User uploads temporarily unavailable

Amazon S3 is down, and they host most of the internet, including our uploads.  Please be patient while service is restored.


** Feb 28 8:00 pm UPDATE ** – We took down the banner warning across the entire site.  Uploads are once again working, but image thumbnails are not being generated.  You’ll need to click the hyperlink to see the image.



Fall 2016 Webinars

Forty-five minute demonstration and discussion on using Visual Classrooms to support active learning instruction.  Flip your classroom, implement social homework, support collaborative labs, crowdsource exam review and more.
Jump-start in-class discussions by bringing virtual student work directly into the dialog.

August 26 – Friday – 1pm EST
August 30 – Tuesday – 2pm EST
September 6 – Tuesday – 3pm EST

How To Join – No login required, works best with Chrome browser

RSVP appreciated but not required to Dr. Leslie Schnieder –


Sketch Pad Updates

The sketch pad you already love just got a lot better.  We’ve completely updated the layout and functionality to make it easier for students to capture and annotate their work.

New Features

  • Sketch on Anything – any images you capture (upload, camera, copy/paste) can be sketched on
  • Shapes – Straight lines, squares, circles
  • Students can now upload an image to be the background
  • Works on any mobile device


Slow Email

snail-mail-vs-emailWe’ve been seeing some slow email delivery through our third party email service.  We are working with them to figure out what the problems is.

If you are trying to reset your password, please be patient and don’t reset it 10 times.  The email will get there, it might just take a while (up to 20 minutes).

20 minutes to deliver email?  In 2015?  Ridiculous, right?

*** UPDATE ***

After digging into the wonderful world of email digital signing, things have mostly been resolved.  Most emails are arriving within seconds, although occasionally still take a few minutes.  Please email if you continue to have issues.