Monthly Archives: July 2019

Student Portfolios & Notebook

We’ve updated the student notebook to be a full featured portfolio view of everything the student did for the session.

Student notebook for a single session

Starting at the top, students can now see their grade and any notes. Teachers can update this grade here as well. Both can download the entire report as excel or as an image.

Moving down, the table shows cumulative stats to help you gauge interaction and contributions.

New Ideas and Replies are separated out. If a post is part of a thread you can see the entire thread by clicking “Show Thread”

The “Feedback” link now allows you to send emails directly to the student(s) who posted the idea. Clicking the feedback link shows the following popup, where you can leave feedback either as a response in the thread or in an email.

Feedback link popup

The final section lists any Multiple Choice questions (along with right answer if they are allowed to see the answer). The Concept Map table also has a link that will take you directly to their map.