Monthly Archives: September 2018

Some Little Updates

Control The Flow

For use cases like interrupted case studies and structured discussions, you can now make sure that groups don’t work ahead. We’ve made it easier to control when students can and can’t see prompts.

The image below shows the session overview page, where the edit prompt button has been moved down a little, and there is a new On / Off switch that controls whether students can see the prompt.

Small Team Names

When you create a new session and have students work as “Small Teams In Class” their team name would default to the students first name and last initial, so “Samantha P, Albert D, Ryu K.”

For larger classes, we understand that you may not actually know who any of those students are and it can be beneficial to allow students to designate their team name, like “Team Blue” or “Way Back on the Right.”

The updated screen where students declare their group members is below with an option for them to Set Team Name. They can also just leave the default name as is.