Monthly Archives: January 2018

Spring 2018 Updates

Welcome back for another great semester with Visual Classrooms. We’ve got a couple updates we’d like to share.

1) Improved Text Analysis – We’ve moved the word cloud to inside each individual prompt and added a vocabulary list. Click a word in the vocab list and it will filter in the discussion space. Identify what words students are using and in what context.

2) Name Hiding – We introduced “anonymous” posts last semester (students can’t see names on posts) but now it’s easier than ever for instructors to hide/show names.

Watch the 80 second video on Vimeo for a quick demo of the updates:

Informational Webinar

Did you sign up for an account and never get around to trying Visual Classrooms? Did we meet at a conference and you want to know more?

We’ll be holding a webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. You don’t need to register or install anything to participate:

Join the call:
Optional dial in number: 585-632-5861
PIN: 82396