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Spring 2017 Semester Updates

Welcome back from the holiday break, I hope everyone is refreshed and excited for a new semester.  While you were away we made some great new changes to support formative assessment and generate in-class discussion.

As we’ve working with instructors, they felt that our traditional discussion forum/whiteboard was a great collaboration tool but there were times they just wanted to get a quick read on student understanding. Virtual sections work great to support collaboration in large classes, but auto-graded elements were also necessary.

We’ve introduced two new prompt types to join the existing discussion whiteboard:  Multiple Choice and Concept Maps.  You can now build activities that have elements of true collaboration and clicker-like voting.

Multiple Choice Questions

Ditch your clickers! We know you have them, we know you aren’t crazy about them. Get all of their functionality with our research validated collaboration tools as well.  Options that allow students to see the correct after they submit, and/or cumulative results from the entire class.

Auto-grade student responses from the Session Analytics page:

Concept Maps

The concept map is still somewhat experimental, but we felt like the only way to get great feedback was to turn it on and see how teachers used them and what information we could give to them.  So please send me your thoughts and ideas for improvement –

Here is how it works – as the instructor, you define the values of the nodes and links, and the students connect them. Cumulative totals of the linkages across the entire class are displayed.  The ability to bring up individual maps for in-class discussion will be there soon.

Here is the video of the Concept Map in action:


As always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your classroom, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Eric Coopey