Monthly Archives: July 2016

First Summer Updates

The first of our two major summer updates is out with some exciting new features.

Sharing Activities

You can now create and edit activities collaboratively by directly inviting other instructors.  It is modeled after Google Docs, where you can give an instructor access by entering their email or by sharing a link that gives them editor access.

1 minute video:

Video Capture From Browser

You’ve been able to capture videos from mobile devices for a while, but from desktops you could only upload an existing video.  Now students can directly capture video right from their browser.

Chrome and Firefox are currently the only browsers that support this new HTML5 standard (no flash), but other browsers will eventually build this functionality in as well.


Set Post Color

Giving everyone another way to group and classify posts was a requested feature, and you can now set the header color of specific posts. You can access the color option from the Options dropdown on every post.