Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 2016 Updates

Save and Export Rubric Grades

The student table has two new columns, a “Final Grade” and “Notes” columns.  This allows you to adjust the automated grade more easily after reviewing the student’s work.

Grades are now saved automatically any time a change is made, but there is a save button as well.  Students do not currently see their grade or notes, we are working to pass this information back to your LMS and will have that functionality in a few weeks.

Release and Due Dates

When creating a session, you are now required to set a release date.  This allows you to schedule sessions to be visible at a date in the future.  Students won’t have access to the session until midnight local time on the release date.

There is also a Due Date that is optional.  Students can see the due date, but are still able to post after that date has passed.  We are working on an option in the rubric to break out posts that took place after the due date.


Download All Posts

Some teachers (and researchers) want to download all the posts for a given session for classification or analysis.  From the Session Overview page, go to the List View (top right), and there is a new button called “Download All Posts Excel” which will export all the text of the posts for the session.