new-home-cake-5Welcome To Our New Home

The move last Friday was a success and we are settling into our new home.  While we have thoroughly tested everything I’m sure there will still be some minor bugs that pop up, so please send support@visualclassrooms.com an email if you run into any problems or see something that is out of place.

The help documentation is in the process of being updated and we will soon have many “How To” videos to go along with the updated help.  We appreciate your patience and if you have any questions or confusions while the help is updated, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Student Subscriptions

Teacher accounts are still free, but students will need to have a subscription.  Students can pay with a credit card, or schools/departments/teachers can purchase a bulk set of licenses to allow students to join for free, see the pricing page for more information.

Changes to Individual vs Small Team work

Instructors have always loved that students can quickly create and contribute as part of a small team, with each student getting “credit” for those posts.  Last year the type of activity determined whether students should join as a team or an individual.  This was confusing to new teachers.  Now, when creating a new session, there is a dropdown that allows the instructor to specify whether the activity should be completed as an individual or small team.


For students, the “Group Password” option is no longer available due to security and privacy concerns.  Students will always login with their individual account.  For Small Group sessions, students will get the familiar screen that allows them to form a team from the class roster.  The logged in user MUST be a part of this group (see Robert M below, he cannot be un-checked).


Thanks and Please Contact Us

I will be creating more posts about some of the other changes, but these were the major ones that might cause some confusion for existing users.  We are confident that the changes will allow new visitors to start using Visual Classrooms more easily.  Remember that if you have any problems please email support@visualclassrooms.com and let us know.

We are looking forward to another great year in your amazing classrooms.

Eric Coopey