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InterLACE ➡ Visual Classrooms

In August, InterLACE ( will become Visual Classrooms.



InterLACE was coined way back in 2011 and stood for Interactive Learning And Collaboration Environment, which was a research project at Tufts University studying the effect of technology and pedagogy on student learning and engagement.  It was an NSF funded project that used pre/post testing, interviews, video analysis, and a variety of methods for reporting and interpreting data about the effect of using InterLACE in blended and online classrooms.  The results were very exciting, with statistically significant gains in content knowledge over comparison groups.  The social network and engagement levels were also changed in positive ways.  Several members of the research team have spun the technology off into a corporate entity.

As much as we have loved “InterLACE” through the years, the name has become somewhat problematic.  It doesn’t capture the wonderfully expressive and engaging environments we’ve created, and people quickly forget the name (not good for a business!).  After much deliberation (and a lot of frustrating searches for available domain names), we are excited to make the change to Visual Classrooms.

All teacher data (activities, collections, groups) will be copied from InterLACE to Visual Classrooms in August, we’ll send out an email letting everyone know when.  Any student data over a year old will be archived and not copied over.

The NSF is no longer funding the platform, so we are moving to a student based subscription model.  We have reached out to many existing teachers personally, but if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to talk about options for ensuring you don’t lose this valuable resource for your students.

We want to thank all the students, teachers, and administrators who have helped us get this far, and we look forward to providing even better service and results to your wonderful (visual) classrooms.

Eric Coopey

CEO and Co-Founder